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Olaer air to fluid heat exchangers are industry renowned for their performance and quiet operation.

Here at Tysci we stock complete heat exchangers and spare parts for the more common sizes.
We hold DC, AC and offline heat exchangers in stock and can supply hydraulic drive units in the near future.
Product Displacement
(cm / rev)
Specific Torque
(Nm / Bar)
Peak Power
Technical Data
Heat Exchangers DC 99-314 1.6-5.0 48 Download
Heat Exchangers AC 192-623 3.1-9.9 59 Download
Heat Exchangers Hydraulic Drive 99-243 1.6-3.9 70 Download
Heat Exchangers Offline 192-493 3.1-7.8 80 Download

Being an Australian company owned by the employees it is the vested interest of them to ensure the finished product and services meets all the customers requirements and expectations.

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