Manufacture & Licensed Suppliers Olaer, Denison Hydraulics, SAI Distributor Products

Established in 1991,Tysci Technologies Pty Ltd has built a reputation for the
manufacture and supply of high quality engineering products for the
manufacturing sector in general.  Licensed Suppliers  of Olaer, Denison Hydraulics,
and SAI Distributor Products.

Through a combination of in-house design/manufacture and a variety of agency
agreements, the company can offer a wide range of products with established
industry acceptance.

The company is highly regarded in industries as diverse as Aviation and
Aerospace, Mining and Quarrying, Automotive and Railways, Marine and Offshore,
as well as Educational Establishments. We are able to offer a high quality product
coupled with a high standard of customer service and after sales support.

Sensible utilisation of computerised design, planning and financial control
systems has ensured that key staff are free to pay strict attention to customer
service, detail and quality control. As a result clients enjoy the comfort of dealing
direct with the decision makers in each particular area.

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Being an Australian company owned by the employees it is the vested interest of them to ensure the finished product and services meets all the customers requirements and expectations.

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Saturday 8.30 -12pm
Sunday Closed

10/10 Chilvers Road, Thornleigh NSW 2120 (02) 9875 2355